About Us

Welcome to the new home of The Ohio Cannabis Institute (OCI) Co-founded by Sir Alan Mooney!

We are a Futuristic Cannabis Media Lab & Consulting Firm based out of Columbus, Ohio. 

As your premier resource for information and instruction on business opportunities in Ohio’s emerging cannabis industry, we will help guide you through the entire process of establishing yourself as an entrepreneur in Ohio’s new LEGAL Medical Marijuana Program.

We specialize in the following:

  • Video Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Consulting + Advising
  • Branding
  • Financing
  • Marketing
  • Security
  • Fundraising
  • Education
  • Business Planning
  • Public Relations


The Ohio Cannabis Institute Team


Sir Alan Mooney – Founder/CFO

Besides money management and investment consulting Sir Alan has 30+ years of off-shore experience, asset protection, as well as Founding ownership in eight (8) off-shore corporations.  Sir Alan is unique in his love and passion for helping others to become millionaires and successful. Sir Alan believes in “Ethics for Success”, setting goals, blueprinting and working a “Living Business Plan”. Sir Alan likes to say, “I Succeed thru helping others Succeed”.

Frederick Hanover – Director of Operations

Fred is a 30 year security industry veteran and chairman of Mobile Security Worldwide.  He is also President of SmallBusinessOhio.com & specializes in small business start-ups.


 Johnny Lutz – President

The newest member to the OCI team & founder of OhioCannabis.com, Johnny brings exceptional networking skills along with a Visionary outlook on what the landscape of Ohio’s new Medical Marijuana program can be.  An expert in computers & technology, he focuses on a lot of behind the scenes technical aspects of the teams computer, web and video needs.

Paul Castle – Director of Cultivation & Security

Paul brings over 20 years of cultivation experience and specializes in Agriculture and heads our 420 Network Ag Report.  His main focus is also Head of Security for the OCI team and has the ability to expand his security team to other companies or individuals needing the highest level of security possible.



Notice: At press time, the growth, production and distribution of cannabis and marijuana has been legalized in the state of Ohio. The purpose of OCI is to inform and educate, and prepare entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders now that cannabis has been legalized in the state of Ohio. As educators and distributors of information, we are acting within the boundaries of the law.